Well hello then,

I am Marisa and I am ..... yes yes not important how old I’m.
I am born and raised in Dordrecht and I also will go down there.
I am happy person, I’ve nice friends and a dream guy (you never know if he reads this, uhhh) and a dog and a cat.
I don’t have any children and they are not on my agenda at this moment perhaps one day, but for now, no thank you. hahahhaha (sorry to all mothers, but this lady is not yet ready).
I work at my father’s shipping firm and I’m quite busy with that. Delicious, working for your father, who always knows  where to find you. (the dear).
So that’s me in a very short version. (verrrry interesting hmm).

But how did reading become my hobby?
Very easy, the same way I think it has happened to everyone.
Your first book is your first love and you grow with.
First you start in the childrens books (which I read) and later you start with novels and if those can no longer be found in your genres then you will need to look for a solution and I found that in English novels.
Oh my god the choices, the covers and the tales.
For everyone there is something. More subgenres than there ever can be found in Dutch.
 Walhalla for the book addicts.
You meet the same junkies on forums, and this way friendships have grown.
That is also how the first website and forum with two other book addicts started.
But that became much more professional than this and much more time pressure, that’s why I stopped.
But because I like to build websites, I have started with Romantic Book Square and  do it in my own tempo.
Natasja is one of my book friends and after a number of years she has become a very good friend.
So when I came up with this site and she presented to help me with the information, I thought: why don’t you participate.
Our bookcase contents are almost similar, perhaps on a couple genres different.
SO we became a couple ;) and I’m very glad about that.

Ahh and what are my favorite genres, I make a row:
All books with a good amount of humor
Fantasy (and especially the children's books)
And the ballrooms.

Well I think that I have briefly summarized it, but if you want to ask something you can find me on the next mail address:

With love