Juni 2010 

Toegevoegd op de website:

Allyson James
Michele Bardsley
Melissa Nathan
Madelyn Alt
Marianne Stillings

Alexis Morgan ~ Vampire vendetta
Melissa Nathan ~ The Nanny

Nauti and Wild
School for heiresses

Richelle Mead ~ Spirit bound
Kim Harrison ~ Black magic sanction
Charlaine Harris ~ Dead in the family
Allyson James ~ Stormwalker
Lynn Viehl ~ Dreamveil
Laurell K. Hamilton ~ Bullet
Rachel Vincent ~ My soul to keep
Michele Bardsley ~ I'm the vampire, that's why
Marianne Stilling ~ Anoucing Suspicions
Melissa Mayhue ~ Soul of a highlander
Jessica Andersen ~ Skykeepers
Julia Quinn ~ Dancing at Midnight
Kim Harrison ~ Dead witch walking
Jaye Wells ~ Red headed stepchild
Joccelyn Drake ~ Dawnbreaker
S.J. Day ~ Eve of destruction
Shayla Black ~ Seduce me in shadows
C.L. Wilson ~ Queen of song and souls