Dit is een fanfiction geschreven op het karakter van Nick uit de DH serie van Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Before her day would really start, she quickly looked through her e-mail. A silly joke from her friend made her smile.  Hey, what’s that? An  e-mail without a name, who could that be?

Curious as she was, she opened the message.

“Here I am, cherie,” was all it said.

Idril looked again to see if there was an name or adress or something what would tell her who send the message, but found nothing. Probably just one of her friends pulling her a joke, but two could play that game! Quickly she typed a reply.

“What do you mean, here I am?” The answer didn’t took long.

“Like I said, cherie. Here I am.”

Now who could this possibly be, she wondered, and typed: “Who are you?”

Again the answer came fast.

“You know who I am, you have claimed me.”

Claimed? Whom did she claim? This was starting to get really weird!

“I have claimed you? I don’t even know who you are.”

“Think, cherie. You have taken my picture by your name and said that you claimed me. So here I am.”

Astonished Idril looked at her pc. If this was all a joke, she wasn’t sure she could laugh about it. She typed another response.

“Who are you? And how did you get my e-mailadress?”

Another quick answer.

“I am who you want me to be. Yours.”

With a loud click, she closed the notebook. Okay, that’s clear. She obviously had a freak here!

Shit, now what? Maybe she should change her hotmail. Who knows what a freak like that would do?! Idril got busy doing her daily things, but everytime her eyes wondered to the computer. After a while her curiosity took over from her common sense and she opened the notebook. Almost immediately there was the formilliar, You’ve got mail!, sound.

Dare she look? Before having it thought over again, she had the message open.

“You mustn’t be afraid of me, cherie. I wont hurt you.”

Yeah right, and really big spiders were just nice pets! Without doing anything, another message appeared on the screen.

“I’ll give you a hint, allthough you should know who I am. Nice pic of Nick, wasn’t that what your friend called it?”

Her mouth dropped in amazement. Nick? Yeah, she’d put a picture of Nick by her profile, and jestingly said that she claimed him. But this could never be Nick! Nick was fiction, no real life guy! Then what about those messages in her inbox? Carefully she typed a few letters.

“Nick?” The question automatically send it self. Now this was getting scary. Very scary!

“Yes, cherie, it is.”

No way ! Not possible, absolutely not possible!

“Impossible! Nick doesn’t really excist.”

“You’re wrong, cherie. I do excist.”

“How do I know you are who you say you are?”

“You don’t. You’ll just have to trust me.”

How very weird this all was, Idril completely got into it, she couldn’t help but feel a little glow  deep inside. Quickly she typed another reply.

“Why should I trust you?”

“Why shouldn’t you?” was the immediate reply.

“I don’t trust that easily.”

“I know, but you can trust me, cherie. Close your eyes and think of my picture.”

Despite the fact that all of this was very weird, Idril couldn’t keep her eyes from closing and Nick’s picture from coming in her mind.

And now what, she thought, feeling a little ridiculous. But then she heard his voice. Whispering. Close.

“Relax, cherie.”

A shiver went across her spine. This was ridiculous and made absolutely no sense!

She just had to open her eyes, close her computer and go back to work. Still she did none of these things, and remained seated, eyes closed. Again there was his voice.

“Let me caress you, cherie.”

She felt something very soft go from her cheek to her lips. The touch left a tingly trail on her skin and another shiver went down her spine. Only this time it was not of fear, but of delight.

The scent of warm, masculine skin entered her nose, a mesmerizing scent, one that made desirous. The hand that touched her face moved further to her jaw, passing the sensitive skin of her neck and the tingly feeling followed. A heat near her lips made the tingle more, even before he pressed his lips softly to hers for a sweet, torturing kiss.

“Help me, cherie,”he whispered against her lips. “Help me.”

Another kiss and suddenly the heat was gone. The scent of male lingered.

Idril opened her eyes, baffled. The screensaver had started. On her screen a picture of Nick had appeared.


He shouldn’t have done it. He really shouldn’t have done that. But he hadn’t been able to stop himself. Ever since she’d first said his name, he had been following her on the internet. Listening to her when she was talking about him with her friends. Seeing her visit different websites, mostly booksites. Romantic booksites that is. She was one of those romantic souls and usely he stayed far from girls like that. Nothing good could come of it. She was so sweet and innocent. The scent of her still lingered around him, a strong and stubborn scent, but at the same time sweet and very addictive. Like the girl herself.

Nick paced back and forward through the little room he was in, going through his hair with his fingers.

And he... He was a beast. And he should’ve stayed away from her.

She might be the only one who could help him.

Maybe she could get close to Kyrian and Amanda and then he could....he could...

This wasn’t right, whatever had that little toddler done to him, that he was even thinking about the possibilities? He could not hurt Marissa, not even he was such a monster!

But... Oh this terrible headache! It felt as if his skull was being split in two.

He couldn’t hurt the little girl.

“But you can.” A voice in his head insisted. “Think of your mother.”

His mother.

There was no choice, he had to.

Gods, how he missed her!  How she would despise him now. He could almost see the dissapointment on her face now. That sweet face. All he had ever wanted to do was please her, make her life a little easier.

Damn Ash for not bringing her back! Damn the bastard!

If only Nick would be reasonable for just five minutes, he would know it wasn’t Acheron’s fault. Ash had loved Cherise.

But Nick wasn’t ready for any reason. He needed to blaim someone. He needed to blaim Acheron. Because if Acheron hadn’t been able to do something, then who would have?

Acheron who could do pretty much everything, why on earth hadn’t he saved her?

Nick paced some more, raking his hands through his hair.

Jeez, didn’t those daimons have something with a little more space?! He felt like a bird in a cage.

That’s it, he was done waiting for Stryker. Time to go, time to go back to his mother’s...his house. Before he could even take a step into the right direction, there was a poof and Satara stood in front of him.

“My my, aren’t you cheery today,” she purred.

Nick turned around, “Back of, Satara. Leave me alone.”

“Bitch isn’t it, me knowing your feelings.”

Nick looked at her briefly and bared his fangs, disgusted of the daimon bitch. “Go play with you daimon friends and don’t irritate me.”

“Or what?” Her voice had turned to pure venom. “What are you going to do, Nick? Bite me with your sarcasm?”