At six-and-twenty, Samantha Briggeham knew her marital prospects were fading by the season and she was pleased by the thought.  She had no intention of being betrothed--especially against her will--to a man she did not love.  She had a plan...and it didn't include being swept into a pair of powerful arms and spirited away by a masked rider.  News of Sammie's heroic rescue from undesired wedlock turned her into the toast of the ton, wooed by suitors far and wide.  But she couldn't forget the swashbuckling brigand who'd abducted her--something about him intrigued her completely.  Then she met Eric Landsdowne, the dashing and seductive Earl of Wesley.  

      His exploits were legendary, his life filled with danger.  He was the elusive Bride Thief, who had his own reasons for helping young women escape the unhappy fate of arranged marriages, and whose true identity was a scrupulously guarded secret.  But from the moment he rescued Sammie--only to discover she'd already managed to get herself un-betrothed--Eric knew he couldn't lose her a second time.  Marriage was out of the question.  Which left only one option: A clandestime affair that might lead to scandal, social ruin, and the unmasking of a love-bested legend...