A dark lord,
When Lady Eldswyth is summoned to tend the prize steeds of the dark lord solitary Sir Robert Breton, a rival of her family’s house, Eldswythe is not prepared for the powerful feelings he evokes in her. His smouldering eyes alone could make her forget she is betrothed. Although her heart desires Robert, Eldswythe does not trust him. But when a violent siege erupts on Eldswythe’s estate and Robert saves her life, she wonders if her misgivings are wrong.

A lady fair
Robert does not know what strange spell has been cast over him. During the day, he can think of no one but Eldswythe, and at night, the beautiful maiden comes to him in his dreams. But what secrets does she hide? Eldswythe has intrigued him like no other woman ever has – and now he has vowed to make her his.